driveblocks, a technology provider for autonomous driving software, today announced that its Mapless Autonomy Platform will be integrated within the new TIER IV highway trucking initiative. TIER IV has launched this program as a response to driver shortage challenges facing Japan’s cargo industry and plans to conduct proof of concept (PoC) tests on Japan’s public highways, starting in Japan’s fiscal year 2024. By developing a reference design for commercial truck manufacturers, TIER IV is fully dedicated to facilitating the deployment of autonomous driving. The technology provided by driveblocks will function as a safety layer for situations where HD maps are not available.

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New backend for sensor-fusion algorithm in driveblocks Mapless Autonomy Platform with 2023.04 release


driveblocks, a technology company providing perception software for mapless autonomous driving, releases a revamped version of its Mapless Autonomy Platform. The key update is a new backend for the core sensor-fusion algorithm.

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Innovusion and driveblocks Offer Pre-integrated LiDAR Perception Solution to Accelerate Commercial Vehicle Automation


Innovusion, a global frontrunner in high precision and resolution LiDAR sensor technology, and driveblocks, a pioneer in AI-based perception and sensor-fusion for mapless autonomous driving, have joined forces. The objective: To speed up commercial vehicle automation by providing a robust and integrated solution designed for a diverse range of environments, including agriculture, container yards, and highways.

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The next generation of fully autonomous driving: Munich-based start-up driveblocks receives €2.2 million in seed funding


Technology start-up driveblocks, a software specialist for fully autonomous driving of commercial vehicles, has closed a 2.2 million euro seed round led by Rethink Ventures and Bayern Kapital. Angel investor Joachim Drees (former CEO of MAN SE and MAN Truck & Bus SE) and existing investor Friedrich & Wagner Holding also provided fresh capital. The founding team intends to use the funds primarily for the further development of driveblocks’ core technology: the Mapless Autonomy Platform.

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Transformers and explainable sensor-fusion are the key technologies behind the Mapless Autonomy Platform


The Mapless Autonomy Platform leverages transformer neural networks in conjunction with a geometrically-interpretable sensor-fusion to combine the advantages of state-of-the-art deep learning approaches with explainable sensor-fusion.

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Enhancing Object Detection Capabilities of the Mapless Autonomy Platform with version 2023.03


The Mapless Autonomy Software Platform receives several feature updates, mainly focused on enhanced the object detection capabilities and data management workflow for deep learning applications.

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driveblocks Mapless Autonomy Platform receives major feature updates with new 2023.02 version


The Mapless Autonomy Platform is updated with various new features and improvements with a large focus on perception and sensor-fusion components. These additions can be applied within highway as well as off-road scenarios and boost the sensor-based environment model capabilities significantly.

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