New backend for sensor-fusion algorithm in driveblocks Mapless Autonomy Platform with 2023.04 release

Garching, October. 10, 2023 – driveblocks, a technology company providing perception software for mapless autonomous driving, releases a revamped version of its Mapless Autonomy Platform. The platform combines a set of transformer neural networks with geometrically well-interpretable sensor-fusion algorithms to build a three-dimensional model of the world around an autonomous vehicle.

Introducing a graph-framework as the backbone of the sensor-fusion frame

 The following features have been added for the 2023.4 release:
·       Introduction of a graph-based framework to handle the sensor-fusion approach for the Mapless Autonomy Platform. This allows to consider semantic relations between objects in the scene and leverage significant parallelization potential.
·       Enhanced tracking capabilities for moving objects in the scenes. Using geometric object signatures to match objects with high relative motion in new sensor data.
·       Support of pure wheel speed and IMU-based odometry inputs. This enhances the capability to operate in GPS-denied areas such as tunnels significantly. 

Additional minor improvements of the platform include:
·       Computation time reductions in various areas of the Mapless Autonomy Platform.