driveblocks and Apex.AI partner to offer the Mapless Autonomy Platform on top of safety-certified software development framework Apex.Grace

We are excited to announce our partnership with Apex.AI! We have pre-integrated the Mapless Autonomy Platform with the safety-certified framework Apex.Grace and can now offer a ready to deploy solution to joint customers and development partners.

The driveblocks perception solution can detect objects, the drivable space and build an environment and road model in real-time. This is done by leveraging various sensors and sensing modalities. Via the combination with Apex.AI’s software development framework, these capabilities can be achieved with minimal end-to-end latency and real-time capabilities even in high data throughput applications common in perception for autonomous driving. In addition, the partnership is fully aligned with the recent software defined-vehicle trend as it allows customers to easily integrate the algorithms within their in-house autonomy stack.

Visit ELIV 2023 in Bonn to learn more about the partnership

We are jointly exhibiting at ELIV (Electronics in Vehicles) 2023 and will showcase insights into intensive testing of the solution across various highway scenarios, including several scenes from the challenging Brenner Pass in the Alpes. In addition, we will have the development truck used for these tests on display at the venue It is equipped with a set of perception sensors and a drive-by-wire system in a partnership project by driveblocks and commercial vehicle retrofitting expert pepper motion.