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driveblocks' Mapless Autonomy Platform enables heavy duty vehicles to reliably detect objects and perceive their sourrounding without relying on high-definition maps. It's applications are container terminals, mining, agriculture, and hub-to-hub logistics. The technology unlocks cost-saving potentials, safety improvements and more efficient workflows.
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Driveblocks in Action

Mapless Autonomy in Highway Scenarios

The Mapless Autonomy Platform is under constant improvement – the feedback for this are the learnings we generate when being out in the real world.

Use Cases

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Leverage the modular Mapless Autonomy Platform to match your autonomy requirements. Integrate the perception and sensor-fusion features with your vehicle, your existing software stack, and your hardware components. Achieve safety, cost, and performance targets faster than the competition.

You have a well-functioning autonomy system but have challenges with reliability in edge-cases? Integrate a driveblocks perception module as a parallel pipeline to your in-house solution, e.g., using LIDAR or RADAR sensors and combine the results with a sensor fusion module.

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Your sensor generates unprecedented level of detail when scanning the environment and vehicle networks struggle to cope with the generated data amount? Integrate a set of driveblocks perception modules to preprocess the data and enable customers to use object list, drivable space and flow-based odometry interfaces.

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Your fleet consists of multiple different vehicles with varying geometries and tasks? The Mapless Autonomy Platform allows you to leverage a pre-configured perception and sensor-fusion solution with continuous safety, security, and feature updates. The open-architecture design lets you customize modules while relying on a solid and safe foundation.

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What people say about driveblocks

The highly modular approach in conjunction with the utilization of open-source technologies makes the driveblocks software platform an ideal framework for autonomous driving in the commercial vehicle sector
Markus Lienkamp | Professor of Automotive Technology at TUM
The driveblocks software platform enables OEMs to automate their vehicles in weeks instead of years and allows them to achieve certification targets cost efficiently
Christian Wagner | Investor and Founder in-tech GmbH

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Do you want to deliver fully autonomous vehicles faster than the competition?

Autonomy is here to stay.

Focus on delivering autonomy functions based on your application expertise. Build on the modular, scalable, and safe Mapless Autonomy Platform. Leverage the open ecosystem of ready-to-use autonomy hardware, simulation, and base software.

Independent of sophisticated HD-maps.


The world around autonomous trucks changes every day, no matter if they operate on the road or in confined environments. The driveblocks technology does not rely on pre- scanned representations of the operating domain and therefore scales better to new areas, changing conditions and unknown situations. The drivable space and potential driving corridors are identified during operation by relying on advanced probabilistic fusion of multiple LIDAR and Camera sensors from various perspectives.

All-weather and conditions perception.


A combination of sensor technologies enables all-weather perception - Commercial vehicles have to operate continuously. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In all conditions: rain, snow, and dust. None of this is an excuse to stop an autonomous vehicle from operating. Our sensor fusion algorithms combine inputs from multiple data-driven classifiers to achieve maximum performance. A combination of semi-automated training data management and transfer learning allows to mix small real-world datasets with data generated in photorealistic simulation environments. This strategy helps to cover rare edge-cases before they actually happen and ensure safe operation and deployment.

Neural networks leveraging transformer architectures.

Superior Performance

The Mapless autonomy platform leverages recent advances in deep learning via the utilization of transformer neural networks. The built-in attention mechanism allows the network to approach the perception task with a global view on the input data. This contradicts the local approach of convolutional neural networks which has been pre-dominant during the past years. Combining this with a multi-task approach is the basis for high-performance and efficient networks ready for deployment on automotive-grade hardware.

GPS-denied environments


The fully mapless approach is completed by the capability to drive in GPS-denied environments. While often available, GPS is neither accurate enough for fully autonomous vehicles nor available in all situations. Autonomous vehicles are required to operate in tunnels and mines and should not depend on the availability of a satellite network to ensure safety.

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driveblocks provides Mapless Autonomy Platform to TIER IV autonomous highway trucking initiative


driveblocks, a technology provider for autonomous driving software, today announced that its Mapless Autonomy Platform will be integrated within the new TIER IV highway trucking initiative. TIER IV has launched this program as a response to driver shortage challenges facing Japan’s cargo industry and plans to conduct proof of concept (PoC) tests on Japan’s public highways, starting in Japan’s fiscal year 2024. By developing a reference design for commercial truck manufacturers, TIER IV is fully dedicated to facilitating the deployment of autonomous driving. The technology provided by driveblocks will function as a safety layer for situations where HD maps are not available.

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Serial automotive entrepreneur Harri Santamala becomes advisor to driveblocks


We welcome Harri Santamala becoming a part of the driveblocks team as an advisor and contributing his vast experience in building automotive and deep-tech ventures over the past decades.

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Introducing our Perception Development Kit


We're excited to introduce the Perception Development Kit, a rapid prototyping solution to experience the driveblocks Mapless Autonomy Platform capabilities right through your own vehicle. This marks a major milestone – as it helps us to speed-up internal activities as well as customer development projects.

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