Introducing our Perception Development Kit

🚀Exciting news from driveblocks: Introducing our Perception Development Kit

We're excited to introduce our latest development, the driveblocks Perception Development Kit, a solution to experience the driveblocks Mapless Autonomy Platform capabilities right through your own vehicle after only a few days of testing. This marks a major milestone – as it helps us to speed-up internal and customer development projects.

Our Value Offering:

  • Experience driveblocks technology: experience our software technology on your vehicle

  • No additional sensors needed: Comes with a 2.5MP camera and long-range LIDAR to enable multi-modal perception applications

  • Dual functionality: use it both as a data recording tool and a development platform

  • High compatibility: works with any commercial vehicle and any operating environment.

  • Rapid integration: easily integrate into your existing systems.

Cornerstone of a Lasting Partnership:

We see the kit as more than just a product demonstration: it's the cornerstone of a lasting partnership. By experiencing the benefits offered by our technology and the expertise of our world-class team, we enable customers and partners to explore and refine their respective autonomy use-case within days of work. By doing so, we look forward to becoming your preferred partner in commercial vehicle autonomy.

Curious about the potential applications? Join us at the iVT Expo in Cologne this June!

Meet us at the iVT Expo where we will be presenting our Perception Development Kit and demonstrating its potential to add value to your respective application.

If you are a leading OEM or supplier in the industrial vehicle sector and want to drive innovation, reach out to us. The perception development kit is suited for all kinds of applications, such as construction, mining, agriculture or container logistics.

You can download the datasheet here or reach out to us via !