2024.03 version of Mapless Autonomy comes with novel free space detection

The latest version of the Mapless Autonomy Platform comes with a novel version of its drivable space detection and several minor improvement points in other areas of the software stack.

The 2024.03 release holds the following major improvements:

  • Novel algorithm for freespace detection in off-road operating design domains. This enables operation in more complex environments, such as situations where steep slopes are present and the ground level is significantly three dimensional.

  • The new approach also enables an improved detection of “out-of-distribution” objects, which substantially improves reliability in edge-cases.

  • Support for lane type identification based on a probabilistic approach in the road model.

Additional minor improvements and bug-fixes are:

  • Much more detailed metrics calculation for neural networks

  • Several additions to leader & follower autonomy logic

  • Increased test coverage and several minor bug fixes to various parts of the stack