driveblocks returns to CES® 2023!

A year after the public launch of driveblocks, the company returns to the CES® 2023 in Las Vegas, from January 5th to 8th! Step by at our booth (#10175, North Hall) to see the latest release of the mapless autonomy platform for commercial vehicles!

The team has worked relentlessly to add new features and algorithms to the ready-to-drive autonomy platform as well as to improve existing software components. These achievements will be showcased in various demos at the booth:

  • Lane detection and mapless environment model: The core of the driveblocks technology is the purely sensor-based generation of a consistent and reliable model around the autonomous vehicle. The approach allows to fuse data from multiple cameras and LIDAR sensors in real-time and achieves detection ranges of up to 200m. Furthermore, it removes the dependency on high-definition maps and unlocks scalability advantages for highway trucking and other use-cases.

  • LIDAR object detection: The LIDAR-based object detection pipelines can identify the geometric shape, the position and the type of objects around the autonomous vehicle. It can be integrated into ADAS with a front-facing LIDAR as well as autonomous driving applications with 360 degrees of LIDAR coverage around the vehicle. In addition, this demo is implemented on top of Apex.OS, a safety-certified fork of ROS 2, provided by our partner Apex.AI.

  • Motion planning and decision making: The decision-making algorithms in the driveblocks autonomy platform consider the future actions of other traffic participants and evaluate thousands of potential actions for the autonomous vehicle. This allows to navigate complex traffic scenarios and reach the target destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Reach out to learn how the driveblocks autonomy platform can accelerate your journey to fully autonomous driving!

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